Script development

.feature film
Development of feature length screenplays for cinema and TV movies, based on the idea and vision of the commissioner. From the concept through the forming and development of logline, story synopsis and treatment and designing the cast structure to the writing of the first draft as well as subsequent rewrites.
Professional development of half-hour and one-hour drama or comedy series concepts. Organizing and supervising the creative process from story projections through storylining, editing and teleplay writing based on the latest international creative trends.

The first draft of everything is shit, as Hemingway used to say. If you feel your script doesn’t work for whatever reason, or just seek to make it better while retaining your original vision of the story we can help you rewrite it, solving every story problems or dramaturgical difficulties. We can help you tailor it to audience needs and expectations, making it more “viewer-friendly”.

Accommodating literary works and theatrical plays into the dramaturgical structure of the motion picture. As literature and stage works employ other narrative techniques in telling a story, a different storytelling approach is necessary in adapting these stories into film.

Development of plot and story for short films, structuring and writing of the screenplay.

Conditions, prices and deadlines vary based on individual needs.