Script consultancy has become commonplace all around the world in the last few years in connection with every serious feature film and television drama production. This process is also called script doctoring, and for a reason. Scriptwriters, directors, producers and executives use these services to gauge the professional potential, quality and marketability of their projects. Furthermore, they seek advice to deal with the inevitable story and script problems, also on improving the overall quality of the work.
It has been discussed to no end in many forums that one of the main problems of the European screen and television industry is the lack of really competitive concepts and well written scripts. With our consultancy we help to polish scripts that can bring the project a giant step closer to audience and critical acclaim, regardless of genre and style. Authors and producers of popular and arthouse projects may both very well profit from story editing and dramaturgical script consultations.

written coverage
A detailed, written analysis of approximately 10 pages, can be requested for treatments and scripts. It covers every major aspect of story creation and screenwriting. Determining the logline and summing up the plot, the coverage then provides a thorough examination of the following: genre, theme, story development and plot, structure, characters, cast design, dialogue, style, tone, format. Finally an assessment follows of the script’s marketability, and where applicable, it provides brief suggestions to overcome major story and script problems.

script analysis
A detailed, long written analysis including the written coverage described above, then pointing out all the story, structural and dramaturgical problems and also suggestions for overcoming all these.

personal consulting
It includes the written coverage described above and a follow-up personal meeting of about 3 hours with the authors and/or producers. Having ascertained an agreement on the authors’ original intentions with telling the story, we discuss the narrative and dramaturgical problems and options to solve them.

a joint creative analysis
It includes the written coverage described above, followed by a one day intensive workshop together with the FadeIn creative team. Discussing all the strengths and weaknesses of the story and the script, and a detailed analysis of the narrative and dramaturgical problems. Suggestions and options for solving them. Determining the theme and the genre, breaking down the structure, an in-depth analysis of major characters, the plotting in the main and subplots, scene building, dialogue –every story and structural units are covered in detail.

script development companion
From the idea until shooting script we can assist the authors in bringing out the best of their skills and talent. Written analyses and assessments as well as personal consultations help the authors, who get constant feedback about story editing and dramaturgy to ensure optimal script development through the whole of the story creation. In case of television series it can even be the whole organization of the creative process and the supervising of the storylining and editing right until the teleplay phase.

Conditions, prices and deadlines vary based on individual needs.