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Balázs Lovas

Balázs LovasScreenwriter. His career began in 1998 with feature film Roaming the Streets, which won second prize at the National Independent Film Festival. Following this, he participated in several feature films and shorts. In 2001 his script Your Own Hole won second prize of the national round of the Hartley-Merill International Screenwriting Contest. In 2002 feature film Bro' was released, on which he had worked as co-writer and assistant director. Bro' won Best Newcomer Screenwriter Award at the 2003 Hungarian Film Week. His scripts Rundown and Billog won several grants and supports, these projects are in different stages of development. His film Bedlam was released in 2005. His third movie, Konyec opened in theatres in early 2007, and won the Main Prize for Best Genre Film and the People's Choice award at the 2007 Hungarian Film Week.

Currently, Balazs is working on several screenplays on assignment. He is also editor of magyar.film.hu, the official web portal of the Hungarian film industry. He is co-founder and teacher of the Filmhu Screenwriting School, as well as guest teacher and lecturer at the Budapest Media Institute and the Eötvös Loránd University.